Charlie's Hall of Fame!

Charlie Phan was only 14 when he left his home in Antarctica and set out for America. He was a smart kid but traveling the seas is always a challenge. He paid his way by cutting the hair of the ship's crew. However, in an unfortunate series of events, the ship got lost at sea. Many of the crew members claimed that the reason for the poor navigation was that the captain was so impressed with his haircut that he wouldn't stop looking at himself in the mirror. After traveling on the sea for about 2 years, the ship managed to go through the Bermuda Triangle, twice. It was through this wormhole to another dimension that Charlie was able to master the art of cutting hair. It is also in this next dimension where he met his wife Kathy. Charlie and Kathy returned but unfortunately arrived in New York. It took them about 15 minutes to decide they hated the environment, and especially George Steinbrenner's Yankees. After that, they moved to Danville, California and have grown Charlies hair business ever since. Charlie cuts hair full time and if you're lucky, you may see one of his friends from another galaxy stop by for the most famous haircut in the universe, literally.

Copyright 2005